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The Air Training Corps is a national voluntary youth organisation. As the " cadet wing " of the Royal Air Force. The ATC shares its uniform. The Air Training Corps is open to all between the ages of 13 and 18. It aims to " promote a practical interest in aviation and the RAF and to foster a spirit of adventure." All cadets get the chance to take part in such activities as flying, gliding, shooting, sports and other outdoor activities.

2227 [Mid Gwendraeth] Squadron

2227 [Mid Gwendraeth] Squadron is based at Ponthenri, a small village in the Gwendraeth Valley in South Wales (Britain) it was established in 1950 and we will celebrate our 50th birthday at the turn of the Millennium.

We are all volunteers and if your 13 plus and you think you may be interested in the same activities and opportunities we offer, come down and have a look around. There is no obligation to join. For further information see our information page on how to join the ATC. For further information phone 01269 860451.

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2227 [Mid Gwendraeth] Squadron Activities

Mid Gwendraeth squadron is currently involved with the following projects :

T - Shirt Design

News Letter

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Flight Simulator

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